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"An employee survey is never the solution to a problem, but helps to make strengths and weaknesses visible and to find concrete solutions."

Employee surveys – individual & strategic

We design tailored and effective solutions for ambitious companies. The focus lies on establishing a sustained way of measuring and managing the potentials that lie in your organisation.

We make sure that survey systems are well-integrated with the existing tools and deliver an added value together with organisational and HR development instruments.

It is not just about a singular survey, but about finding an overall strategic concept. We focus on systematically measuring and managing effectiveness, stability and adaptability of your organisation, while offering sustainable solutions. What is the best concept for you and how can it be integrated into your existing management systems? Taking our basic model as a starting point, we can reflect specific aspects and set a key survey focus such as leadership, engagement, internal customer surveys, mood barometers and 90° to 360° feedbacks.

Our solutions are known for being lean and to-the-point whether you need support in designing and implementing surveys, establishing effective reporting and actionable follow-up tools. Our highly qualified consultants are there to support you and make your life easier – so do our IT tools, which are designed and customized according to your requirements.

We help you drive change by identifying soft spots and developing as well as implementing relevant actions.

Our „Organizational Resilience & Leadership“ model focuses on the dimensions Direction & Vision, Structures & Processes, Leadership & Change and Performance & Commitment. Our reports detail the relevant parameters that need to be adjusted.

Our offer includes:

  • Comprehensive consulting when establishing feedback instruments
  • Employee surveys
  • 90° bis 360° manager feedbacks
  • Individual questionnaire design in line with your specific objective
  • Effective project management at all stages
  • Online tool for resource-friendly implementation
  • Easy-to-read, workable results reports
  • Effective results management