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"Cultural change per se does not trigger organizational change - conversely it will."

Results management – workable & visible

We make results tangible and comprehensively support you – from concepts to implementation.

An employee survey is only successful if employees and managers see the link between positive changes in the company and the survey itself. If they do not see any tangible benefit, the employee survey itself will be questioned and the acceptance is lost.

It is not a matter of merely collecting and analysing data, but it is about working with the insights gained from it. Managing the results of a survey effectively offer the most evident driver for change.

Managers play a pivotal role in the survey follow-up: They need to shape, drive and manage the process. The heart of the matter revolves around analysing the survey results, developing and following-up on action plans together with the employees – that is the best way to initiate change and make it tangible for the employees.

Four success factors

Plan your survey follow-up before the survey starts. Inform all participants about the planned steps with a consistent information and communication concept.

Integrate an online follow-up portal that guides everybody through the process - from downloading the results to action tracking. This central platform allows managers to get all necessary tools and information, brings about more clarity and the same level of information in the ongoing process.

Enable your managers. Provide them with a suitable toolbox to effectively work with the results (guidelines, worksheets, presentations, trainings). This helps bring down any potential misgivings and sets the follow-up to motion.

Support your managers in interpreting critical results and deriving workable actions by allowing for co-facilitation from trained coaches and facilitators.

Workshop concepts – focused support in the change process

We shape changes together with you. Our consultants and facilitators assist you in handling complex issues with analytical acumen and diplomatic finesse.

How do you redefine roles and responsibilities? How do you develop new company guidelines? How do you develop and implement new management guidelines? How do you adjust your sales units to changing market conditions? How do you develop long-term business strategies?

Our workshops use a broad range of proven methods and techniques to find the best way for you to find the best answers to these questions in your specific business environment. We build on your unique needs to make the changes tangible and visible.

We work at all hierarchal levels – from production to top-level management. We are familiar with complex issues and we know how to professionally balance different interests. Our repertoire is versatile and we exclusively work together with experienced facilitators.

workshop is rounded of by a to-the-point documentation with recommended next actions, e.g. within a larger-scale change project.